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October 2023

aturVision Filmfestival 2023
aturVision Filmfestival 2023
Darßer NaturfilmFestival 2023

Cuckoo, cuckoo:

Trail of Secrets - Along the Westweg trail

through the Black Forest in Germany


The successful film "Trail of Secrets - Black Forest“ is currently making its way into living rooms around the globe. After more than 4 years of filming and great cinema success in Germany, the unique nature documentary for hikers, nature enthusiasts and all other Black Forest fans will be available digitally as a stream (VoD) for home cinema worldwide in over 65 countries from October 12, 2023.

The oldest long-distance hiking trail in the Black Forest takes us through Germany's largest and highest low mountain range, via the western and eastern routes from Pforzheim in Germany to its destination – Basel in Switzerland – approximately 285 km in total.

Protected areas such as nature parks, forests, waters, but also small natural oases to the left and right of the path are the subject of the film. Breathtaking visuals provide exciting insights into the ancient natural and cultural landscape of the Black Forest.

Hikers typically cover the roughly 8,000 meters in elevation over twelve stages from the Northern Black Forest to the Southern Black Forest to Basel, or in the opposite direction. Until it reaches Feldberg, the Westweg trail is part of the European Long-Distance Trail E1 which runs from the North Cape to Sicily.

Being outdoors, experiencing a little adventure, being able to feel yourself, nature and your environment with all your senses is what connects most people on hiking trails. Some seek an escape from everyday life, aim to find themselves, unwind or unleash their creativity.

We have the privilege of accompanying two hikers along the Westweg who are determined to tackle the route with their guitars. Will nature inspire them before they reach their destination?


Streaming provider: Apple iTunes/TV, Amazon Prime Video

Excerpt from over 65 countries:



Great Britain:


Trailer an more information:

Press contact and login to the press photos:
Ruppertfilm e.K.
Marco Ruppert

Title: Trail of Secrets - Black Forest  (Original: WildWestwegs - Schwarzwald)

Genre: Nature documentary

Year: 2023

Duration: approx.105 min.

Resolution: Full HD (Scope: 2.39:1)

Sound: Surround 5.1/Dolby Atmos 7.1.4

Languages: English, German

Producer/director/camera: Marco Ruppert

Additional footage: Alexander Rösch

Production and directing assistance: Katrin Ruppert

Scientific project advice: Dr. Andreas Megerle

Voiceover: Mark Rossman (EN), Gunnar Schmidt (DE)

Production company: Ruppertfilm, Germany

German version: WildWestwegs

English version: Trail of secrets

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